Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the perfect suite of tools for any small, medium or enterprise environment. It covers email hosting, file hosting, data analytics software, word processing software and more...

With so much to choose from some organisations need the technical guidance in order to make sure their 365 tenant is performing efficiently and is safe from malicious intent.

Luckily, as Microsoft Cloud Solution Partners (CSP) we can provide 'partner-only' licensing support and have access to a variety of management tools so we can do our best to support your business requirements.


M365 services we offer

  •  Licensing support

  •  Tenant security baseline assessments

  •  Azure AD administration

  •  DNS record management

  •  File migration

  •  Tenant backup solutions

  •  Intune management

  •  SharePoint administration

and more...!

M365 includes

  • Office suite of tools (Word, excel etc...)

  • Intune for device management

  • Teams

  • SharePoint

  • OneDrive

  • Exchange 

  • Azure Active Directory 

  • Power Apps


and more...!

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