Managed Services

What is a managed IT service?

It's the process of outsourcing some or all of your infrastructure or services to a third-party/service provider.

Responsibility then lies with the partner business to maintain and upkeep the agreed service to a efficient and safe state.

Why have a managed IT service?

By outsourcing key aspects of your infrastructure or IT service you remove the need to hire in-house technical support and can focus on more important aspects of your business.

You'll also benefit from cost savings compared to a traditional on-demand 'break fix model'. Billing is predictable and well understood.

Proactive monitoring solutions

Using industry leading monitoring tools, we gain visibility into every aspect of your infrastructure environment. This allows us to utilise data-driven incident resolutions and keep service disruptions to a minimum. 

We also gain insight into vulnerabilities within your infrastructure estate so your business is compliant with the highest standards.

Why netpro

Experienced, certified technical engineers

Each member of our technical team is certified in the latest and greatest technologies. From design to implementation you can rest easy knowing you're dealing with subject matter experts.

Staying ahead of the curve is key.

For the long run

A managed service has requirements and those requirements are ever-changing. It's our aim to make our client partners as technically successful and safe as possible.

Each client partner has two direct support channels through a technical and account lead. We'll design a infrastructure technology road map so there is always a direction.

Sounds good?

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