Business benefits

So, whats in it for you?

Every business outsources some areas of IT, whether that's outsourcing support to a local MSP or using an external contractor for individual contracts. We can take the burden off your business and maintain a healthy and up to date network infrastructure.

Efficient costs

Pay us when you need us. We wont charge retention fee's only when we carry out work. Not every business has the luxury of a full time in house infrastructure team, when you need us just get in contact.

Through our vendor certifications we gain access to partnerships with exclusive discounts making us competitive.

Peace of mind

ISP connection affecting your Site-to-site VPN connections? Don't worry we'll handle that!


Using netpro to manage your network infrastructure allows your business peace of mind. A lot of companies 'just want it to work' and that's fine, but we'd like to show you how it works and how you can support these services yourself over time.


We'll keep you updated with any changes that might affect your infrastructure. 

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