Infrastructure technology


Fibre Patches
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Copper Patches
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Project delivery

Providing engineering or architectural resource for one-off projects

Managed Services

Taking responsibility for key aspects of your infrastructure through professional and preventative monitoring tools


Acting as your subject matter experts in hardware, software and licensing. We utilise our 'partner-only' deals to benefit you

About Us

Incorporated in late 2020, netpro brings new ideas and ways of working to the technology partner space. It's important to know your strengths and weaknesses and infrastructure technologies is certainly one of our strengths. 

Managing and maintaining an organisations infrastructure is a journey and should be treated as such. Small, consistent milestones is key to efficient project or managed service. It's the heart of our ethos and drives every client roadmap we build.

We're partnered with only the best vendors in the industry so our clients receive the best possible service from us. Our team of engineers are multi-skill disciplined and certified in the latest and greatest technologies. 

Let us join you on your infrastructure journey!

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